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North Dakota State Courts

Courts – State Courts – North Dakota

Highest Court

The highest court in North Dakota is the Supreme Court of North Dakota.  The Supreme Court consists of 5 justices. It has jurisdiction over (1) Final appellate jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters from District Courts.

General Courts

District Court
The District Court  consists of 42 judges. It has jurisdiction over (1) All civil actions.  (2) Felonies and misdemeanors.  (3)  Exclusive juvenile and domestic relations jurisdiction.  (4) Mental commitment hearings.  (5) Probate and guardianship.  (6) Small claims.  (7) Appeals de novo.
No jury trials are overseen by this court.

Limited Courts

Municipal Court
The Municipal Court consist of 75 judges.  It has jurisdiction over (1) City ordinance violations.
No jury trials are overseen by this court.

Additional Information

Sittings of courts public
All court sittings may be public and open to the public, except those of a scandalous or obscene matter in which the presiding judge or justice may exclude all people not of the parties or witnesses.
(North Dakota Century Code 27-01-02)

Rules relating to the unauthorized practice of the law
The Supreme Court of North Dakota may rule on the restraining of persons unlawfully engaging in the practice of law in North Dakota. (North Dakota Century Code 27-02-07).

Calendar of the supreme court
Pending cases in the supreme court, on appeal or otherwise, are to be placed on the supreme court calendar to be subject to call for argument and for final disposition in such manner and at such times as the supreme court, by rule or order. (North Dakota Century Code 27-02-18)

Reporter’s duties as to state law library
The Supreme Court Reporter shall maintain the state law library under the supervision and control of the supreme court. (North Dakota Century Code 27-04-06)

Legislative intent
North Dakota’s Legislative Assembly deems that all jurors be selected from a fair cross section of the population of the area served by the court and that may all qualified citizens be considered for jury service.  (North Dakota Century Code 27-09.1-01)

Individual acceptance
An individual Indian may subject himself and this property to state jurisdiction by executing a statement consenting to and declaring himself and his property subject to state civil jurisdiction.  The statement must be filed in the office of the county auditor and becomes effective on the date of execution. (North Dakota Century Code 27-19-05)

Creation of division of juvenile services – Director.
A division of juvenileservices is hereby created and established with the powers and duties prescribed by this chapter.  The division of juvenile services must be created within the department of corrections and rehabilitation, and its chief administrative officer must be appointed by the director of the department of corrections and rehabilitation and must be known as the director of the division of juvenile services. On July 27, 1989, each child committed to the custody of the state youth authority will, by operation of law, be committed to the custody of the division of juvenile services subject to the order committing the child. (North Dakota Century Code 27-21-01)

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